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Home Dried Greens

Home Dried Dark Leafy Greens

A few years ago when the kids and I went gleaning at a local farm my daughter decided she liked kale. Score for the farmhand who talked all the kids into giving everything a try! The problem is, she thinks she likes it more than she actually eats it. But I can’t say no when […]

Kale and Sweet Potato Baby Food and OXOtot Giveaway

Nutritious #FirstBites and @OXOtot Giveaway

I was so happy to have revisited and revised this recipe!I used to just do a sweet potato hash, minus the kale for him for breakfast. We did baby led solids with our third and didn’t end up doing a lot of purees since he had a good amount of teeth when he was interested […]

Ward off Biting Bugs without Chemicals

Ward off Biting Bugs without Chemicals

We recently moved from California, where we had annoying – but rarely biting – bugs, to Texas where we’ve been getting eaten alive! Seriously, there have been quite a few mornings and nights in our home – and no we don’t leave the doors open – that all the sudden I have found an itch. […]

Woobamboo Toothbrush

WooBamboo Toddler Toothbrush {review}

I am always looking for something more environmentally friendly, less plastic and better for my kids. We have absolutely loved using this brush. That purple an pink one is waiting for our youngest to have some teeth to brush! You could call these “organic toothbrushes”, the bamboo is grown with no chemicals or pesticides and […]

Beth-profile-Homemaker's Challenge.jpg

Making the Most {Of Your Child’s Great Behavior}

My son is 6 years old. That means he’s in a very active season of learning godly character. Sometimes the learning process isn’t so fun. A negative trait emerges and Mom and Dad have to address it. There’s nothing wrong with addressing the negative, it’s needed and Biblical. But there is another aspect to character […]

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