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Simple Slaw

Simple Slaw

This is super quick and easy. It goes great with all sorts of dishes and gets some extra veggies in you as well. Pair with Asian Salmon, a pork tenderloin or top spicy chili with it – the combo really cools down those spicy dishes! Unless I am making this for a LARGE group of […]

Making the Most Children Working.jpg

Making the Most {Children Working}

Guest Post by Christina, homesteading mama of 11 and one grandson. I believe in teaching my kids to work and to do things for themselves. Each of them have daily jobs they are responsible for and they have developed many amazing skills. I also believe strongly in helping them learn to serve others. This began […]

UHB Coming Soon.jpg

Over 80 great Resources

It is coming! Last year’s Homemaking bundle was amazing and this one is looking much the same – if not better! Our Baby Shower Book was in the first and this year our new book, God Gifted Virtues, is a part of it! We can’t announce exactly what is included yet, but there are a […]

Kristen Smith

Making the Most {Failures}

I am so pleased to have my friend Kristen from Smithspirations joining our series today! She is sharing about failures – what a concept. I sure we have all felt it and if you have a hard time moving on, let’s do it together! If there’s been any life experience that has proven to me time […]

Eggs on Sprouted Toast

Secret Scrambled Eggs on Sprouted Toast

This has been my absolute favorite way to have eggs. Especially since being pregnant! Secret Scrambled Eggs For each backyard or pastured egg use your fork to add a heap full of cottage cheese. Sprinkle with pepper and REAL salt. Scramble and cook with some coconut oil! Those deep golden yolks are deliciously healthy for you. […]


Making the Most {Small Budget Homeschooling}

Please welcome Jacquie from My Blessings Homeschool, she is helping us with how to still homeschool on a small budget. It’s that time of year again. The time when us homeschool moms start obsessing over which curriculum to purchase for our children and what we can afford. If you’re anything like me, you have to use your […]

Sauteed Broccoli

Quick Sautéed Broccoli

This is our stand-by veggie, for pretty much any night of the week! The great thing is ALL three kids will eat it most any time. The ravenous almost 5-year-old boy would probably eat an entire head by himself. Our oldest, daughter, always has to have it separated from everything else. And it was one […]

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