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A Bit More Bath Room {Wise-Dumb}

Trying to fit the whole family in one bathroom can be a bit challenging.  Thus far our growing family has only ever had one bathroom.  So I have learned to be creative with our bathroom storage and where to keep all those things associated with it.

Here are a few things to give you some more space in the smallest, yet one of the most used rooms in your house!

We've always kept tissue on the back of the toilet (amongst other things), this makes the towel bar that is almost always there a little unusable.  Try making this bar worth while again by utilizing it for storage!  I hung these galvanized buckets from pot rack hooks, each bucket has its own function - tooth stuff, lotions, razors, and assorted travel products that need to get used up!  These have been a great place to put my husband's things -

Since I can remember I have had loofas, scrubbers and poufs coming out of my ears!  It seems like bath stuff is the go-to-gift - which means I have had to end up storing much of this till we need it.  When we recently moved I noticed many nails still up on the bathroom walls.  Light bulb!  I began hanging all this extra stuff on the walls.  Some people decorate with antique curling irons and retro signs, why not decorate with usable items?

Another thing that takes up a whole lot of space storing are towels.  And inevitably the available space is never in the bathroom - which leads to, "Honey? Can you bring me a towel?"  Find a half basket, one with a flat side and hang it.  You can then roll hand towels, washcloths and bath towels and have them ready to use.  Any other larger towels retail style and use for decorations elsewhere on an open shelf.

Some more items I have used for bathroom storage are gift baskets and other decorative containers.  I should also tell you - as I am thinking through everything in the bathroom - I don't think I have bought anything outright.  The buckets were originally decorations from our wedding, pot rack hooks are currently not being used because we have a kitchen that doesn't require it.  The half basket was already here and all the other containers were from gifts.

Where you can double your storage with decoration?

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  1. You just gave me a brilliant idea! When you mentioned the pot rack, I recalled that I have a round one that someone gave me. I don't use it in my kitchen, but I'm going to spray paint it, take off the hooks, flip it upside down and put it on the bathroom wall to store rolled up towels in! Thank you! Love the blog, and the organizing tips are great.


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