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Reevaluating My Purpose

I'm not organic, eco-crazy, exercise fiend - but trying to find a balance in the world we now live in. I am a full-time mama, wife, homemaker, doula, Theatre Tech and adjunct. And Blogger who writes about family, food, marriage, kids, miscarriage, pregnancy and God.

I started this in Summer 2010. In response to over a few months stewardship and service being something that stood out to my husband and I. Family, work, and the speed bumps of life quickly took over any spare time and energy I had.

In February 2011 we had a miscarriage. After healing, in part through a lot of writing, I started Holding Our Hope, In October 2011. A blog about our family's miscarriage and it's effects on our faith, in the hopes to positively effect other families.

That same weekend I launched Holding our Hope, Your Thriving Family took over. In March 2012, I will be a SAHM for the first time. I am preparing to do more at home, save our family money, get them to a better nutritional and mental health and most of all support my husband who is feeling the weight of being the only person making an income.

These two blogs and A Christian Doula, are definitely a ministry for me, put heavily on my heart. I pray that these show God's wisdom, sovereignty, strength and mercy. God designed our bodies in a intricate and amazing way; a temple and sacrifice to him. If we are not taking care of ourselves we cannot be our best for serving Him and our family.

More about Me:

I grew up in an amazingly loving family a few states from the rest of our extended family, who are all VERY close. I feel very blessed to have been raised in such a Godly family. With parents who somehow gave my brother and I a great sense of independence, common sense and love of God and family.

After studying History, Women's Studies and Theatre, I eventually Graduated in 2004 with a BA in Theatre Arts. The summer before my last year, months after coming back from a year in England, I met the man I would marry in a little more than a year.

A few months after having our first surprise blessing, our little girl, I began working at a Christian University doing a WIDE range of theatre related projects. It was quite nice to use my degree after jobs at Hot-Dog-on-a-Stick, Starbucks, an English Pub and fulfilling role at an Art, Calligraphy, Wedding Invitation and Announcement Studio. Working in the Theatre at a Christian university has allowed me a good amount of flexibility to pursue other things. Like family!

Between our first and second babies I started training to be a doula. Years later I am actually doing the same things! As well as assisting in the Theatre program at my Husband's school and serving in various ways at the first church I truly feel at home in.

For blogging purposes my husband is hubby (which I NEVER call him) or Papa.  Our daughter (born 2006), I usually refer to as Sweetie Pea.  Our son, is Singer (born 2009), a name his sister gave to him two weeks before he was born and the next one (due 2012) is yet to be decided!

I hope you enjoy our life of peaks and valleys.  I pray that you can learn, grow and change along with me!

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