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Too late for Advent?

We have had a VERY busy few months.  Since school started up again (my husband is a teacher) I have probably been a single mom about 90% of the time.  I am also now 27 weeks pregnant - and this has been an extremely difficult pregnancy.  Not because of any complications, but just for the continuing sickness and fatigue factor - "my day job" is very physical.  I don't say all this to make excuses, but to express my determination, despite all this, to still make the SEASON, not just the day, special for my children.  By making sure we are DAILY reminded of why we celebrate. 

I LOVE the idea of Truth in the Tinsel , but looking at it I am overwhelmed.  We don't home school, we are blessed for my daughter to receive tuition at my husband's school because he is full time.  And I am not yet a full-time SAHM, I am a part-time a lot of things.  So trying to fit a craft in everyday is daunting.  NEXT YEAR, when I am home full time, we will be in a different place.

Honestly, even with all the reminders, December 1st came too quickly.  So I am trying to figure out what I want to start with the kiddos tonight.  We usually read The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name, before bed.   I LOVE this bible.  The way it is written we have already been talking about Jesus and his coming for months.  But tonight we will be shelving it - at least till December 22nd when we will resume and read the 3 chapters on Jesus' birth.

I should also tell you, though I grew up on a Christian household, I had never heard of advent till 8 years ago.  But it is something I want to be a part of our family.  INTENTIONAL CELEBRATION, of all things, all holidays.  Despite our busyness.

I found a few family Advent possibilities online (we are also in a non-spending mode).  Women of Faith have a free ebook you can download.  The weeks are focused on Hope, Peace, Love and Joy.  I also got The Christmas Story from the Family Reading Bible and The True Gifts Of Christmas for the kindle reader on my phone.  I cannot recommend any of these yet.  But I am going to read them in the morning/scan over them and figure what we will do each night.  I also have Devotions for Preschoolers  which has some great verses for around 25th

The word "advent" comes from the Latin "adventus" meaning "arrival" or "coming," particularly of something having great importance.

This year our family will have 24 days of Advent, Jesus' Birthday Celebration and 12 days of Christmas.  Tonight is the start of our preparation of keeping Christ at the center of our celebration - which is what Advent is all about.

In continuing with keeping Thankfulness as a focus we are doing something unique with our "Advent House".  I spoke about this in a previous post.  Instead of the pop open Advent calendars with a little picture or candy we have a house.  A friend gave it to us a few years ago for Christmas, complete with $20 to $1 bills, coins and Hershey kisses.  That first year I left everything (except for the candy) in to be able to open the next year.

2006 Our first Family Christmas
This year instead of taking things out we are going to put things in!  Each evening after our Advent celebration we will write on a piece of paper what we are Thankful for about the Christmas Season.  I know the first few will be very materialistic focused (my daughter is only 5 1/2).  My hope is that as the days go on leading to Christmas they will change to God focused thoughts.  We will leave all these Thank You's in our house till next Christmas - when each night we will take them out to read!

Week 1 HOPE
Week 2 PEACE
Week 3 LOVE

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  1. Thank you for this! It is so easy to wait until things are perfect or beat ourselves up for the things we didnt do. I am so glad you are experiencing Advent in the here and now and encouraging us to do so too.

  2. Thanks! That makes it all the more worth it!


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