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Weekend Whatever #4

If you weren't here for last week's link up's here are a few highlights:

Justyne who blogs at Creative Christian Mama wrote a great post about her and hubby being unified in the New Year.

Christy from The Simple Homemaker shared some tips for being successful with your New Year's Resolutions.

Charissa at Mad Mad Me linked up an inspiring post about being a mom!

Bloggers choice!  A parenting or time saving tip, a tasty and healthy recipe, a new discovery in your life, a little inspiration?  From this week or all time. 

Please link specific post URL's and add a link back here on the post or add our button to your site (the code is on the left side bar.  It does take some time to set this all up and I do read everyone's so please share the love.

Share the love!  Tweet or share this post on your facebook page so all our lovely readers can find some more great blogs.  Also be sure to visit and few other of the links and comment!  If you want to get a little more traffic be sure to leave a comment giving a SHORT description of what you linked.

Enjoy surfing around and discovering some new friends!

1 comment:

  1. Hi there, thanks for doing a link party; I really enjoy participating!

    I'm VERY new to blogging and don't know what I'm doing half the time but I really enjoy the community of fellow bloggers and seeing what they are doing and thinking - there's so much to learn about godly family life and all its myriad facets and through link parties I can navigate so many different and interesting posts on all kinds of topics.

    God bless and have a lovely weekend!


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