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In Store for March

As our surprise baby approaches we have some great ladies lined up to guest post for Your Thriving Family over the next three months!  I am pleased to have a wide variety of backgrounds and family life for them to share with you.  The posts I have read so far have been full of so really good stuff.

So as a refresher here are the ladies who will be joining us through May!

Megan is a wife, mommy of one, and most importantly, a child of God.  She has a Master’s in early childhood education and taught 4th grade for several years.  She is now honored and blessed to be a full-time homemaker.  She lives not too far from her childhood home where her parents actually still live.  Her desire to bring glory to God in all that she does and is thankful that He forgives when she falls short!  Thinking she had been eating well, she realized how much more God had to teach her when she was pregnant.  She strives to keep toxic ingredients out of the food and products she makes or buys.  Megan loves to learn, and hopes that she can share some of the knowledge she has gained with you all.

Brandy's mission with Living Water Health and Wellness is to share the message of health and wellness according to the Word of God and traditional wisdom!  She is a homemaker, married to the love of her life, and is a homeschooling mommy to two amazing boys, ages 5 and 1.  She is also a certified group fitness instructor with LA Fitness and is currently studying to receive her CNC (Certificate in Nutritional Counseling). She feels so blessed to have an opportunity to make people aware of the truth about the foods we eat, and prays that everyone who reads her blog will see the fruit of health and wellness in their lives.     Connect  ~  Facebook     Blog

For Charissa, wife, mother and homemaker are by far the most demanding and most rewarding roles she has ever known. She lives in the creative chaos of photography, crochet, cooking, crafting, natural birth advocacy, blogging, homeschooling, gardening, window shopping and since she loves trying out new stuff, it's a sure thing that the list will grow longer in time. Though there is much joy and fruit in all of this, it comes with it's own Madness.  She depends on the Grace and Mercy of a Creator God whose Love knows no bounds to get through it all. She journals all of this on Mad Mad Me.  Her hope is that through sharing the work of her hands, the joys and trials of her heart that others will be encouraged to embrace the beautiful chaos that comes with family and learning to love and create.     Connect  ~  Facebook     Blog

Lyndsy's blog, the dinnervine is food and wine inspired!  It features her collection of old & new homemade dishes, kitchen tips, healthy food facts, local restaurant reviews, recipe challenges, culinary solutions, awesome wines, and cool new products.  As an avid cook, she is passionate about creating wonderful meals and memories.  She infuses traditional, modern and healthy fare, with her Southern roots and Southern California upbringing.  Lyndsy enjoys an active lifestyle!  When not cooking, she is busy working or training for marathons.  She is looking forward to growing her blog, finding new ones to read and sharing healthy benefits of food with you!     Connect  ~  Facebook     Blog

Rhonda Hunter is a recovering people-pleaser and borderline perfectionist.  She is aided in her struggle against order and monotony by Andy, her husband of ten years, and their toddler, Anna Claire.  Andy is a full-time youth pastor and Rhonda considers being a ministers wife a joy!  It colors her life and adds interest everyday!  She is a stay-at-home mom, where writing has always been a passion and enjoys sharing her heart at Abide at Home.  It is dedicated to connecting with other Christian women - helping them to deepen their relationship with God and thus enhance their family lives and legacies!  In her theoretical spare time, Rhonda enjoys cooking, needlework, finding new ways to organize her home, reading, spending time with her friends and family and watching Star Trek.     Connect  ~  Facebook     Blog

Christina lives in a rural town in Southern California. She's a homeschooling mom of eleven children - eight boys and 3 girls, and grandmother of one little boy. She enjoys antique, vintage and children's picture books, coffee with cream, creating beautiful things whether it be knitting, crocheting, or sewing, gardening, and decorating. She loves to give new life to old, discarded things.  As well as enjoying "simple living", frugality, stretching and saving money and finding a good deal.  In addition to all that they raise chickens, turkeys, goats, pigs, and bees.  she loves trying new and adventurous things.  And after twenty-three years of marriage her husband adores her still!

Lori enjoys writing about all the bumps and tire-tracks that come with life’s parade of daily adventures. At My Evident Faith, she tries to keep it real and be brave about showing her Christian faith. In addition to writing as her therapy, she does a little bit of hiking, a little painting, a lot of reading, crafting, baking and feasting with her cherished family and friends. She has 4 big kids, from ages 14 to 23 years old, and has been married 26 years.  "I’m just an average woman, one who sins every day . . .  a normal person facing challenges and growing in faith.  Sure I fall short, every day.  But I get off the ground, pull up my big-girl pants, and I keep walking."     Connect  ~  Facebook     Blog

Our theme for March is Cleaning, Organization, Storage, & Purging. I hope you all glean some new things to implement in your household and perhaps have some things to add to the conversation yourself!

I also hope to be telling you all about the birth of our next little one VERY soon.  But big sister and big brother will be there to see their sister or brother join our family.  Sissy has been tasked with checking baby for the announcement of "It's a ???"

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