Five Little Ducks

Five Little Ducks – Not Just Another Children’s Song

Five Little Ducks is perhaps one of the most creative kids’ songs ever made. It’s not as wildly popular as some of the other children songs, but that hasn’t prevented it from being one of the favorite children’s songs for parents to introduce their kid to subtraction while also letting them have a lot of fun.

The Story

Similarly, unlike many of the other preschool songs, Five Little Ducks isn’t a bunch of random lines of lyrics that have a perfect rhyming. It has a perfect meaning, and may even get your little one curious.

Don’t worry though, in the end it will only be pure fun and also some encourage to get familiar with subtraction, which is obviously something that may help them once their academic life starts.

The story is basically that the five little ducks in question go on a short and fun journey. However, on returning, they find one of them is missing. This happens day after day, every day.

But don’t let that trick you into thinking something goes wrong with the cute little ducklings; they are all fine. The story has a happy ending, and it sure may have a happy ending for your little one too as they may get to learn about subtraction, one of the most important elements of mathematics, a subject they will be learning as soon as they start their academic activities.

Different Versions

Although Five Little Ducks hasn’t attracted a lot of international fame, it sure has people genuinely working on it to get more and more out of the creativity the lyrics boast of.

While the first video version was released in the year 1996, it was also accompanied by an instrumental version. Then, in 2006, another version hit the children’s songs world, followed up by a 2013 version.

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