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Chubby Cheeks

An In-Depth Look into Children Songs like Chubby Cheeks

We know. The title might sound a bit silly. After all, you may have never seen children songs anything more than what they really seem to be, which is, just children songs.

However, there’s actually more to them than you may think.

They are a part of the process of your kid’s pre-schooling or initial mental development. If the poem makes sense to them, it may help them better understand the more important, more complex things they are going to learn in the next few years of their life.

Chubby Cheeks – What makes it different?

Chubby Cheeks isn’t one of those typical kids songs that’s one-size-fits-all. As you can probably tell, it’s a little ‘girlish’ song, and only the girl kids may be able to find it relevant to them.

Some people also wonder whether the song is a ‘mother-daughter’ thing or something like that, but honestly there doesn’t seem to be any specific answer to that. Although you can tell that it’s dedicated to a girl kid, ‘who’ dedicates it to her is far from obvious from the lyrics of the song.

But something that’s clearly evident is that the poem is all about praising the kid’s beauty, which she seems to be enjoying. This is because at the end, we hear her saying “Yes, yes, yes,” and the lyrics and the rhyming don’t fail to reflect the enthusiasm in those last three words.

Not as popular as some other children songs

While Chubby Cheeks is still very popular in schools across the world, it’s not AS popular as some of the other songs that are more generic like Rain Rain Go Away. One of the reasons for this may be that the song is a little girlish and not as relevant to boys as it is to girls.

Secondly, there’s also not much information at all about when it was written, the author and other such important details.